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—      All of our Norwood Ophthalmic Equipment is offered with a
3 Year Warranty and comes standard with unrivaled customer care.



The Norwood AutoRefractor Keratometer is EHR Ready! Supports data output to any EHR through .jpg, .pdf file format or auto populated format.

  • The cutting-edge auto sensing and 3-dimensional movement mechanism track the eye automatically and complete the measurement perfectly.
  • The internal chart provides the vision comparison of current vision and corrected vision
  • Besides the conventional data, the high order aberration data is displayed in a graphical Zernike refraction map for superior clinical decision making.
  • The full color CCD camera and white LED light source in the ARK enable you to see eyes and contact lens fitting status previously only possible with slit lamps.
  • The high-speed printer prints out the final measurement results in 3 seconds.

Norwood AutoRefractor Keratometer



The new HRK-8000A utilizes a unique wavefront analysis algorithm and surpasses conventional and simple refraction offering added values with high order aberration data output for customized lenses and observation of patients before and after refractive surgery.

  • Wavefront Technology measures the wavefront of light reflected from the retina and the refractive power with various sensors divided by sectors and analyzes them with extreme precision
  • Huvitz’ own developed Micro Lens Array creates a number of separated focal spots, of which the pattern provides valuable information of the customer’s ocular system.
  • High order aberration and Zernike map data output function allow premium custom spectacle or contact lens manufacturers to improves vision accuracy and power.

Huvitz AutoRefractor Keratometer



Unceasing efforts for higher accuracy lead to objective refraction followed by standardized subjective refraction with HRK-9000A and in the end, unprecedented accurate results wait for you.

  • Auto Refraction
  • Standard K & Peripheral K’s
  • High & Low Order Aberration
  • Retro Illumination - Cataract Gradient
  • Anterior Segment Capable
  • Tear Film Break Up - Testing for Dry Eye Disease in Pre Test
  • Meibography - Testing for Dry Eye Disease in Pre Test
  • Color View Mode
  • Subjective VA Test
  • Contrast Sensitivity and Glare Test
  • Iris and Pupil Diameter Measurement
  • Contact Lens Fitting Assistance Guide - The world’s first contact lens fitting function in an auto ref / keratometer enables you to see fluorescein liquid with blue illumination
  • Touch and Tilting 7” Color Display
  • Wireless Communication via Wi-Fi
  • All Mate Software

Huvitz AutoRefractor Keratometer

Handheld Retinomax 3 AR Complete Kit


The Retinomax Series is the world's leading handheld Ref and Refract Keratometer, now boasting greater mobility, stability, and accuracy.

  • Much Lighter and has a Thinner Grip
  • Auto Pupil Measurement, Display and Printout
  • Auto Quick Mode
  • Fixation Intensity is Automatically Lowered for Pupils Less than 3mm in Size
  • Extended Diopter Adjustment Range
  • Alignment Indicator Display

Handheld Retinomax 3 AR Complete Kit

Handheld Retinomax K+3 Complete Kit


The Retinomax Series is the world's leading handheld Ref and Refract Keratometer, now boasting greater mobility, stability, and accuracy.

  • Much Lighter and has a Thinner Grip
  • Auto Pupil Measurement, Display and Printout
  • Auto Quick Mode
  • Fixation Intensity is Automatically Lowered for Pupils Less than 3mm in Size
  • Extended Diopter Adjustment Range
  • Alignment Indicator Display

Handheld Retinomax K+3 Complete Kit

Manual Lensmeter


A compact deluxe model with a full 90-degree inclination, which facilitates the measurement of contact lenses when used in the vertical position

  • Well suited for measuring soft and hard contact lenses as well as conventional spectacle lenses
  • Standard equipment includes a prism compensator, external power and axis readings, and an American-style cross-line target
  • The over-sized lens table permits the measurement of conventional lenses from 30 to 90 mm in diameter
  • Well suited for laboratory or office use
Manual Lensmeter

NORWOOD Auto Lensmeter


The Norwood Auto Lensmeter represents the latest Hartmann technology in lens measurement providing simple, rapid and accurate operation. The faster lens type detection and lens measurement capabilities offer unparalleled functionality and performance, making the ALM-411 one of the most advanced Auto Lensmeters on the market today.

  • Hartmann sensor technology - 108 measuring points (vs. standard 4 points) for highest accuracy
  • Automatically detects and determines lens type and adjusts the measuring mode accordingly
  • Tilting TFT Color LCD Touch Screen (5.6 inch), clear view, easy and convenient operation
  • Green LED light enables values to be measured without the need for ABBE conversion
  • Measure Single Vision, Multifocal, Progressive, Contacts & Colored Lenses
  • Memory Function
Norwood Auto Lensmeter

NORWOOD Auto Lensmeter (connectable)


EHR Ready! EHR ready through NDR-7000. Direct connection and auto population supported for OfficeMate/Eyefinity

  • Newly designed algorithm using Zernike’s polynomial allows for quick detection and accurate measurement of progressive lenses
  • Hartmann sensor with 108 measurement points guarantees a reliable and stable measurement value
  • New optical system with green LED (546nm) provides more accurate measurements without Abbe value compensation
  • Few lensmeters provide UV assessments with the exact numerical value. UV Measurement is scalable from 0% to 100%
  • Illustration of Axis and PD helps customer to better understand the data
Norwood Auto Lensmeter

HUVITZ Auto Lensmeter w/Blue Light Measure


Striving both accuracy in measurement and efficiency in operation at a time leads you to HLM-9000. HLM-9000 welcomes you to enjoy its superiority in wavefront analysis technology of Hartmann sensor and automatic lens recognition.

  • Blue Light Hazard Measurement
  • Improved Accuracy with Green Light Beam
  • Auto Lens Recognition
  • Contact Lens Measuring Kit
  • 7” Color LCD Display
  • Wireless Communication
  • UV Measurement
  • Wide Tilting Angle
  • Multi-focal Lens Measurement
  • Hartmann Sensor Wavefront Analysis Tech
  • All Mate Software
Huvitz Auto Lensmeter

ACCUTOME PachPen Handheld Pachymeter


Equipped with Accutome’s Digital Signal Analysis which will eliminate non perpendicular measurements on the cornea.

  • 65 MHz sampling probe ensures precise measurements
  • IOP correction calculation converts IOP measurements in seconds
  • Superior ergonomic design fits comfortably in any hand
  • Versatility helps to save time and ease you practice demands
  • Gentle touch 2.5 mm diameter probe tip ensures patient comfort
  • Long-lasting lithium battery will last approximately 15,000 readings
  • The PachPen weighs only 3.0 ounces (85 g.)
Accutome PachPen Handheld Pachymeter

ACCUTOME AccuPach IV Desktop Pachymeter


Digital Signal Analysis, which offers outstanding accuracy and repeatability.

  • Built-in IOP IOP Correction Calculation that converts IOP measurements in seconds
  • User-friendly touch-tone screen allows the user to master the AccuPach VI in minutes
  • Revolutionary voice output feature calls out readings, allowing the user to concentrate more on the cornea
  • Link to computer or printer via USB Memory Stick
  • Digital waveform analysis helps to ensure measurements are properly aligned
  • Desktop, slit lamp or wall mountable
  • Adjustable handle/stand allows viewing on different angles
Accutome AccuPach IV Desktop Pachymeter

ACCUTOME AccuPen Handheld


Gravity Offset Technology provides accurate IOP measurements with less calibration in any testing position. A new ergonomic design allows for easy visualization of the cornea

  • Low cost battery takes up to 15,000 readings
  • Self Calibrating. No more up down and around
  • Large LCD Display stores up to 9 measurements with a calculated average
  • Adjusted IOP Calculation to correct for varying CCTs
  • Comes with heavy duty traveling case and lanyard for easy transportation
AccuPen Handheld

NORWOOD Applanation Tonometer (Vertical)


The Norwood Applanation Tonometer is designed for vertical slit lamps and works with a variety of models.

  • Precise IOP measurements
  • Includes calibration bar
  • Reliable & accurate
  • Includes a calibration bar and one tonometer prism
  • Works with Z2,H2, H3, H5 and HZ Vertical Models
Norwood Applanation Tonometer (Vertical)

NORWOOD Applanation Tonometer (Compact)


The Norwood Applanation Tonometer is designed for compact slit lamps and works with a variety of models.

  • Precise IOP measurements
  • Includes calibration bar and one tonometer prism
  • Reliable & accurate
  • Works with Compact Models
Norwood Applanation Tonometer (Compact)

KEELER Non-Contact Tonometer Desktop


The Pulsair Desktop has a small and space saving footprint that combined with the elegant, slim optical mainframe allows it to blend seamlessly into the clinical environment. The openness of the design increases the confidence of both patient and clinician.

  • The new slimline Pulsair Desktop Tonometer
  • Small and space saving footprint combined with the elegant and slim optical mainframe
  • Fast, accurate and easy to use
  • Slim and open design with clear user controls
  • Soft and comfortable puff
Keeler Non-Contact Tonometer Desktop

KEELER intelliPuff® Handheld Non-Contact Tonometer


The most comfortable and intelligent Non Contact Tonometer ever. intelliPuff® – the Keeler intelligent puff system giving you a quantum leap forwards in accuracy and ease of use. intelliPuff® embodies electronic and optical technology to deliver you the speed, accuracy and ease of use you and your patients deserve. Accuracy guaranteed.

  • intelliPuff® automatically senses when there is difficulty – perhaps a dry eye or a damaged cornea and adjusts the automatic firing criteria accordingly
  • Puff will automatically increase for the next measurement if the patient has high pressures
  • The most accurate, smallest, quietest, lightest, fastest Pulsair ever
  • LED illuminated targeting system will last a lifetime and never need changing
  • Cooler, 100% reliable, 100% consistent
  • No sterile consumables to purchase, and printing is optional, so ownership costs are insignificant
  • Displays the ‘rolling average’ of your readings – the more data you have the better the result delivered
  • Calibration range 5mmHg to 50mmHg
  • Displayed accuracy to 0.1mmHg
  • LED infrared Illumination system
Keeler intelliPuff Handheld Non-Contact Tonometer

Here at Norwood, we understand how much of a 'big deal' it really is for you to make an equipment purchase

We understand exactly how much of a 'big deal' it is to make sure that you can purchase your equipment with confidence. We also understand how much of a 'really big deal' and valued it is, to maintain human contact and relationships with people when making such purchases. That's why there's no automated menus or systems here at Norwood… you will always have someone to talk to and help you through the ordering process and not just with the purchasing, but beyond your purchase as well. So yes… this is a 'big deal' and we are ready to help you!

About Rick Norwood

Prior to founding Norwood Vision Group in 2009, Rick Norwood spent 20 years in the eye care industry with companies such as Paragon Optical, Viva Optique, Santinelli International, and Visionix, Inc. He held a variety of positions including regional, national, and general manager responsibilities. Through these positions, he worked with all segments of the eye care industry which led him to focus his company on offering a full range of services as a one stop provider and incorporating an e-commerce platform to introduce more cost effective and efficient service delivery and affordable product alternatives.

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