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Here at Norwood, we believe that you should have choices. We have a variety of solutions and a diverse portfolio of products for you to choose from, to fit any budget. If you need assistance in getting started, feel free to get in touch with us. Our knowledgeable team is ready to assist you in making your practice-dreams come true!

—      All of our Norwood Ophthalmic Equipment is offered with a
3 Year Warranty and comes standard with unrivaled customer care.


Handheld Retinomax 3 AR Complete Kit


The Retinomax Series is the world's leading handheld Ref and Refract Keratometer, now boasting greater mobility, stability, and accuracy.

  • Much Lighter and has a Thinner Grip
  • Auto Pupil Measurement, Display and Printout
  • Auto Quick Mode
  • Fixation Intensity is Automatically Lowered for Pupils Less than 3mm in Size
  • Extended Diopter Adjustment Range
  • Alignment Indicator Display

Handheld Retinomax 3 AR Complete Kit

Handheld Retinomax K+3 Complete Kit


The Retinomax Series is the world's leading handheld Ref and Refract Keratometer, now boasting greater mobility, stability, and accuracy.

  • Much Lighter and has a Thinner Grip
  • Auto Pupil Measurement, Display and Printout
  • Auto Quick Mode
  • Fixation Intensity is Automatically Lowered for Pupils Less than 3mm in Size
  • Extended Diopter Adjustment Range
  • Alignment Indicator Display

Handheld Retinomax K+3 Complete Kit


VOLK PictorPlus Portable Retinal Camera


Pictor Plus can provide first class ophthalmic care. The high resolution imagery Pictor Plus produces is very effective during initial screenings and follow-up treatments. Patient information is entered directly into the handset for patient records.

  • Featuring Wi-Fi connectivity, Pictor Plus can seamlessly integrate with any PC or mobile device to upload jpg images to your patient database system. Pictor Plus is now compatible with multiple image analysis and EMR software solutions and has DICOM compatibility
  • Weighing a mere 1 lb., (0.45kg), Pictor Plus is easily portable and highly effective in mobile situations. A proven success in the rapidly expanding telemedicine applications, Pictor Plus is especially versatile to examine patients where access may be difficult
  • In as little as 4 months your practice can expect a return on the original investment of the Pictor Plus device. Thereafter, it contributes to your revenue stream
  • Two easily interchangeable modules provide high resolution retinal (nonmydriatic) or external eye imaging. Two additional modules are available for otoscopic and dermascopic examination

Volk PictorPlus Portable Retinal Camera


VOLK iNview


Leverage the power and convenience of the Apple iPhone with the trusted quality of Volk optics. Quickly & effortlessly capture fundus images for visualization & patient education. Helps facilitate patient discussions related to disease progression and treatment plan.

  • Free mobile application available in the Apple App Store (search Volk iNview)
  • Offers 1 Megapixel resolution with a static 50° field of view
  • View the peripheral retina dynamically out to 80 degrees
  • Available auto-capture & forced-capture imaging modes
  • Mydriatic; requires minimum 5mm pupil
  • HIPAA-compliant storage and export from iPhone to PC or Mac
  • Compatible with Apple iPhone 6s/6/5s and iPod Touch (Gen 6)

Volk iNview

VOLK Eye Check


Handheld, digital ocular measurement device that captures and fully automates the analysis and display of diagnostic eye measurements in real time. Measurements may be usefully gathered and recorded to track patient ocular health over time. Consistent outputs provide objective accurate measurements. Ease of use enables quick analysis of uncooperative or Pediatric patients to support other examination methods such as the cover test.

  • USB and WIFI connectivity enable real time transfer of results to your PC for documentation of patient records
  • Familiar interface with touchscreen, patient fixation and point and click results
  • Notification of software upgrades ensures you benefit from the latest features
  • Two convenient software modes: Contact Lens (CL) Mode and Eye Check (EC) Mode
  • Provides objective data to ophthalmic & optometric clinicians
  • Assists in standard and hard-to-fit specialty contact lenses and enables smarter, faster decisions
  • Seamlessly integrates into your work flow bringing instant value as a simple method for quick, cost-effective ocular measurement

Volk Eye Check


ACCUTOME PachPen Handheld Pachymeter


Equipped with Accutome’s Digital Signal Analysis which will eliminate non perpendicular measurements on the cornea.

  • 65 MHz sampling probe ensures precise measurements
  • IOP correction calculation converts IOP measurements in seconds
  • Superior ergonomic design fits comfortably in any hand
  • Versatility helps to save time and ease you practice demands
  • Gentle touch 2.5 mm diameter probe tip ensures patient comfort
  • Long-lasting lithium battery will last approximately 15,000 readings
  • The PachPen weighs only 3.0 ounces (85 g.)
Accutome PachPen Handheld Pachymeter


KEELER Portable Slit Lamp LED 2X


Keeler is renowned for marketleading optics and has been dedicated to optical design and manufacture for nearly 100 years. Our customers have absolute confidence in the quality, accuracy and reliability our optical design delivers.

  • Big slit lamp features, portable usability
  • For domiciliary, paediatric and busy clinic use
  • Advanced optics, 10x & 16x magnification
  • Controllable LED illumination from maximum to zero
  • Filters: neutral density, red-free, diffuser, and cobalt blue
  • Slit Wheel - 1x1, 0.15, 0.5, 0.8, 1.6, 12
  • Charging base included and direct charging capability
Keeler Portable Slit Lamp LED 2X

KOWA Handheld Slit Lamp


Kowa's Portable Slit Lamp is now LED light-based! The SL-17 weighs less than 800g and provides easy and versatile operation with a choice of 10x and 16x magnifications, 3 slit widths* (0.1mm, 0.2mm, 0.8mm) plus spot illumination and a cobalt blue filter using a high illumination LED as the light source. The SL-17 is compact and portable making it the ideal instrument for domiciliary environments, mobile evaluations, pediatrics, and patients not able to be imaged by a traditional slit lamp. The SL-17 is especially useful in emergency rooms where patient mobility is a challenge, or when switching between consultancy rooms is necessary.

  • 20,000 Lux White LED Light Source
  • Powered by AAA Batteries
  • Anti-Tip Design
Kowa Handheld Slit Lamp

ACCUTOME AccuPen Handheld


Gravity Offset Technology provides accurate IOP measurements with less calibration in any testing position. A new ergonomic design allows for easy visualization of the cornea

  • Low cost battery takes up to 15,000 readings
  • Self Calibrating. No more up down and around
  • Large LCD Display stores up to 9 measurements with a calculated average
  • Adjusted IOP Calculation to correct for varying CCTs
  • Comes with heavy duty traveling case and lanyard for easy transportation
AccuPen Handheld

KEELER intelliPuff® Handheld Non-Contact Tonometer


The most comfortable and intelligent Non Contact Tonometer ever. intelliPuff® – the Keeler intelligent puff system giving you a quantum leap forwards in accuracy and ease of use. intelliPuff® embodies electronic and optical technology to deliver you the speed, accuracy and ease of use you and your patients deserve. Accuracy guaranteed.

  • intelliPuff® automatically senses when there is difficulty – perhaps a dry eye or a damaged cornea and adjusts the automatic firing criteria accordingly
  • Puff will automatically increase for the next measurement if the patient has high pressures
  • The most accurate, smallest, quietest, lightest, fastest Pulsair ever
  • LED illuminated targeting system will last a lifetime and never need changing
  • Cooler, 100% reliable, 100% consistent
  • No sterile consumables to purchase, and printing is optional, so ownership costs are insignificant
  • Displays the ‘rolling average’ of your readings – the more data you have the better the result delivered
  • Calibration range 5mmHg to 50mmHg
  • Displayed accuracy to 0.1mmHg
  • LED infrared Illumination system
Keeler intelliPuff Handheld Non-Contact Tonometer


Digital Pupilometer


The PLM 528 Digital Pupilometer features the "cornea reflection light coincidence method". This operates by aligning luminous points on the pupils with the measuring line. Results are displayed digitally in seconds. With the PLM-528 it is possible to measure PD of focusing point distances ranging from 30cm to infinite.

  • Method of Measurement: Cornea reflection light coincidence method
  • Scope of measurement: Total P. D.: 46 82 MM
  • Single eye: 23 ~ 41 MM
  • Graduations: 0.5mm
  • Display: Liquid crystal display
  • Target distance ∞ : 30CM~∞ (translate automatically 30CM, 40CM, 50CM, 1M, 2M)
  • Bulb: LED lamp
Digital Pupilometer


Keeler Ophthalmoscopes


Professional LED Lithium Set designed to ensure ultimate control. Lenses, graticules and filters can all be introduced at the touch of a fingertip. No need to pull away from the patient, the Keeler Direct Ophthalmoscopes make routine examinations far easier.

  • LED Illumination
  • Positive Action Maywheel
  • Comprehensive Lens Range
  • Swing Over Filters
  • Brow Rest

Here at Norwood, we understand how much of a 'big deal' it really is for you to make an equipment purchase

We understand exactly how much of a 'big deal' it is to make sure that you can purchase your equipment with confidence. We also understand how much of a 'really big deal' and valued it is, to maintain human contact and relationships with people when making such purchases. That's why there's no automated menus or systems here at Norwood… you will always have someone to talk to and help you through the ordering process and not just with the purchasing, but beyond your purchase as well. So yes… this is a 'big deal' and we are ready to help you!

About Rick Norwood

Prior to founding Norwood Vision Group in 2009, Rick Norwood spent 20 years in the eye care industry with companies such as Paragon Optical, Viva Optique, Santinelli International, and Visionix, Inc. He held a variety of positions including regional, national, and general manager responsibilities. Through these positions, he worked with all segments of the eye care industry which led him to focus his company on offering a full range of services as a one stop provider and incorporating an e-commerce platform to introduce more cost effective and efficient service delivery and affordable product alternatives.

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