ZEISS Cirrus HD-OCT 400


The ZEISS Certified Cirrus HD-OCT 400 is focused on the essential core OCT functionality

  • Model 400 is designed with the smaller budget in mind. Live OCT Fundus technology provides the fundus image using the OCT scanner only, rather than an additional line scanning ophthalmoscope (LSO). Both the Model 400 and Model 4000 offer the same package of glaucoma and retina analyses and are capable of anterior segment imaging
  • Captures a tightly packed, detail-rich cube of data in just seconds and allows you to both visualize and analyze your patient’s condition. Because the cube is populated with such high-density data, you can explore pathologies without requiring additional scan patterns
ZEISS Certified Cirrus HD-OCT 400

ZEISS HFA 740 Visual Field


The Humphrey ZEISS HFA 740 Visual Field includes 19 test patterns, user-designed custom testing capability with a testing range out to 90 degrees

  • 1.1GB hard disk storage is provided
  • SITA, the expert operating system, is an optional feature on the model Humphrey 740
  • Fastpac software is included, reducing testing time by 40%
  • Multiple statpac test results can be printed to compare visual field progression over time
  • Foveal threshold testing, stimulus sizes from Goldman I-V and stimulus colors in Red and blue are included
  • IOP, C/D, and user comments can be entered on the printout
  • A VGA monitor hook up for FHA screen viewing outside the perimetry room is built in
Humphrey ZEISS HFA 740 Visual Field

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